First, as a note as the siteÕs current designer, I apologize that this page isnÕt formatted with a design consistent with the normal pages on this site; I am not on my normal computer and as such donÕt currently have access to a couple of the files I would need to properly format the article.

This site was recently profiled on the website ŌGame Show GarbageĶ, a site described by itÕs official Facebook page as Ōhome to all the worst in game show historyĶ.  Given the particular level of disdain shown for this site and itÕs users, however, I find it intriguing that the site was entry #139.  ItÕs actually rather refreshing to know that despite the smaller nature of the game show fandom, there are apparently at least 138 things in the fandom more annoying than us.  

Amused snarking aside, and on to serious business.  Because, this site is slowly turning in to a professional endeavor for me. In the opening of your commentary directed towards our site, you refer to the three tiers of wrestling fans, then from there draw a comparison to the game show fandom.  Being a lifelong wrestling fan myself, IÕm familiar with most of the terminology and the personality types contained therein.  I think itÕs rather apt that the wrestling fandom is brought up, as never in my existence have I encountered such blind cynicism and outright disdain for those who donÕt enjoy the product in exactly the same way that they do. 

Within that particular fandom, itÕs not simply enough to enjoy the product and want to talk about it. To be respected; hell, to avoid outright mockery, you have to become a cynical asshole whose daily life is devoted to complaining about the product and itÕs fans in as many colorful ways as possible. All while secretly enjoying the very product you complain about.


I canÕt stand that sort of negative feedback loop.  At a certain point, itÕs nice to just kick back, relax, and enjoy whatÕs being produced.  Occasionally itÕs fun to also play armchair quarterback. Whether itÕs discussing who you think a surprise entrant into the Royal Rumble will be, or discussing why Pay the Rent is an abominable pricing game, thereÕs fun in the discussions. 


Over time, as the products that weÕre all fans of evolve and change, people who have made emotional investments in that product react to that change. Sometimes itÕs positive, sometimes itÕs not.  Sometimes people have made such a deep emotional investment that they DO lose perspective.  Just like fans of any other genre.


You specifically mentioned the FAQ. Of all of the content on this site, I am most proud of that work.  It takes a very significant amount of time, effort, and cooperation with show staff in order to have that information.  I think the vast majority of the stuff contained within is VERY neat. 

Is it important to know the exact dates that the flags on Hole in One changed? Not really in the grand scheme of things.  Is it a neat bit of trivia in a genre established on that very concept? Absolutely.  The FAQ is a neat piece of research that IÕm proud to have hosted on this site, and my thanks to everyone who has ever contributed to it. And yes, it IS perfectly possible to be a fan of the show while being of the opinion that the current host isnÕt necessarily the best choice for the job. Sort of like being a WWE fan while not liking John Cena and thinking heÕs been bad for business– something for which with your background IÕm sure youÕre quite familiar.


For what itÕs worth, I do not appreciate your taking personal potshots of the siteÕs members.  If you have a criticism with regards to their behavior, you are more than welcome to say it to their face. They wonÕt bite. I promise.  You spent a particularly stark amount of time reposting a message from someone regarding their dealings with a member here and their lack of perspective.  


YouÕre absolutely right about one thing: Sometimes when a person has a hobby theyÕre particularly passionate about, they lose perspective. Golden-Road.Net is fully of people who are extremely passionate about the show.   In the specifically cited case, the person in question should have collected their wits and realized that their priorities were a bit askew.   Should a member of this site post something like that on the forums today, it will be dealt with negatively, of that you can be sure. I cannot, however, act on the private behavior of users. I personally am a big believer in having ones priorities in order, and in fact have actually removed a user from this site for that very reason. (A user believed their ability to watch Price was more important than hurricane coverage.  After some stubbornness, they were shown the door.)

Things that may admittedly have gone on at one point in the siteÕs past are now actively discouraged. While healthy disagreements are still commonplace, IÕve worked very hard on trying to make this an enjoyable place to talk about the show – without being swamped with negativity. 

Is there still work to be done? Absolutely.   But IÕve invested a significant amount of time and talent into making this site more enjoyable for all, and I think thatÕs paid at least some dividends.  I hope in time to be able to further rehabilitate any negativity associated with the site.  But I, and this site as a whole, canÕt do that when people spend significant amounts of time ranting about things that happened here years prior.  

If youÕre not happy with the quality of discussion found on this site, has it occurred to you (or to anyone else who mocks our site from the dark shut-away corners of the internet) that instead of spending your time angrily ranting and joyously mocking the site, perhaps a better use of your time might be actively participating in the discussion yourself. 


DonÕt just sit away as a spectator rolling your eyes in condescension while reminiscing about something asinine that someone from here did in the past.  This is an open forum – as long as you donÕt perpetually walk around acting like a jerk, your opinion IS welcome here. But all opinions are subject to debate.

To the users of Golden Road, remember: For better or worse, the stereotype that this site isnÕt always a friendly, civilized, or sane place to discuss the show DOES exist. To what degree that reputation is legitimate vs. exaggerated is debatable, but this isnÕt the place in which that debate will be had. That said, it does exist - and it takes significantly more effort to undo that stereotype than it does to create it, and part of the work IS on you to convince those who pass by our forums that this is a worthwhile place to visit.

Finally, again to Mr. Seidelman, just stop and think about this: Despite your clear problem with this site and with apparently large facets of the genre as a whole, you care enough to have written a lengthy article about us and about them. Consider this:  You have accused the people here of being Ōhypocritical douchenozzlesĶ who incessantly complain about everything and still watch.  Yet you yourself claim to be a game show fan in spite of having written over twelve dozen articles derisive of the genre and of large swaths of its fans. At a certain point, snark for snarkÕs sake just becomes played out.  Or at least find something more interesting to complain about than a bunch of geeks on a small corner of the internet.


Just as the internet wrestling communityÕs penchant for complaining has likely had negative implications on the wrestling product, so too does the excessive complaints about game show fans result in a negative feedback loop. Personally, I find the idea of spending every waking moment looking for something to complain about to be a rather poor way to spend oneÕs time – itÕs why I gave up being a TV critic.


With that in mind, this will be my one and only statement in regards to this article.  Any further discussions or comments may be directed to me at Any further comments with regards to the behavior of site members may either be directed at the user in question or to me if itÕs something you find objectionable or in violation of site rules.


Life is too short to spend the rest of oneÕs days complaining publicly about whatever catches your eye. If youÕre a fan of the genre, then I suggest a relaxing treatment of your choice followed by some episodes of one of the most enjoyable genres of television youÕll find. If youÕre just a fan of complaining, well, then by your own definitions you indeed would be the kind of thing you hate most.  Think about it.

To everyone: Life is supposed to be enjoyable.  Enjoy it.  Be proud of what you enjoy.  A life spent always complaining about everything you donÕt enjoy is hardly a life fully lived.


Seth Thrasher

Technical Director


Disclaimer: Please note that any opinions contained herein reflect only those of myself, and do not represent the official opinion of the site or of its members.